Nicknamed the “Hendrix of Hurdy-Gurdy” along with having millions of views on his youTube videos, Guilhem Desq breathes new life and innovation into this old-world instrument. His sound is unmistakable as he electrifies this originally acoustic instrument and plays a wide variety of genres on it – anything from traditional European folk to Middle-Eastern, contemporary rock, hip-hop and electro.

After a year touring worldwide with more than 60 shows (India, USA, New Zealand, Israël, Bulgaria, Italy, France…) Guilhem Desq comes back to release his first solo album “Visions”. An album “100% hurdy gurdy” which feature original songs recorded from his  instrument as the only source of sounds. Not only an album but a whole project which is going beyond music, from building his instrument to directing and animating his latest music video “Le château magique”.


23-24-25 MarsLe salon des instruments insolitesBELGIUMhttp://www.salondesinstrumentsinsolites.be/
Tour & Taxi
1 Avr - 15 AvrTour with Le cirque with top performersITALYhttp://lecirquetopperformers.com/wp/
Bolzano, Rimini
18 AvrSolo - Release party with I Me MineFRANCEhttps://lesjeudisdurock.festik.net/concerts
Le Rex, Toulouse
20 Avr - 22 AvrTour with Le cirque with top performersITALYhttp://lecirquetopperformers.com/wp/
26 AvrEchos et Merveillies FestivalFRANCEhttp://echosetmerveilles.fr/
Le Bascala, Bruguieres
27 Avr - 30 AvrTour with Le cirque with top performersITALYhttp://lecirquetopperformers.com/wp/
Conegliano, Livorno
26 MaiPerformance improvisée, Musée du Saut du TarnFRANCE
30 May - 2 JunFestival in IsraëlISRAËL
12-15 JulyHarmonic FestivalFRANCE
30 JulyBougeons les MontagnesFRANCEhttps://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008326265777
Batsère, Hautes Pyrénnées
18 AugustArts on MainUSA
Scottsville, KY
24-26 AugustFearieworlds FestivalUSAhttp://faerieworlds.com/
Portland, OR
6-9 SeptemberImagine Music & Arts FestivalUSAimagineorcasisland.com/
Orcas Island, WA
27-30 SeptemberLotus Music & Art FestivalUSAhttp://www.lotusfest.org/
Bloomington - IN
26 OctoberFestival in NorwayNORWAY



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