Guilhem Desq breathes new life and innovation into this old-world instrument, the hurdy gurdy. His sound is unmistakable as he electrifies this originally acoustic instrument and plays a wide variety of genres on it – anything from traditional European folk to Middle-Eastern, contemporary rock, hip-hop and electro.After a year touring worldwide with more than 60 shows (India, USA, New Zealand, Israël, Bulgaria, Italy, France…) Guilhem Desq comes back to release his first solo album “Visions”. An album “100% hurdy gurdy” which feature original songs recorded from his instrument as the only source of sounds. Not only an album but a whole project which is going beyond music, from building his instrument to directing and animating his latest music video “Le château magique”.


    7 mai"Storm" : Festival Echos et Merveilles FRANCE
    Bruguières ( 31 )
    12 mai"Storm" : Le Sonambule FRANCE
    Gignac ( 34 ) - Le Sonambule
    13 mai"Storm" : Café PlumFRANCE
    Lautrec ( 31 )
    10 octobre"Storm" : Lavelanet CultureFRANCEhttps://lavelanet-culture.com/spectacle/storm-2
    Lavelanet ( 09 )
    13 octobre"Solo" : Festival Ecouter pour l'instantFRANCEhttp://ecouterpourlinstant.fr/
    14 octobre"Storm" : FestiPop RockEstivalFRANCE
    Clermont-Savès ( 32 )
    4 novembre"Bal solo" : Quo Faï Pas De Mau FestivalFRANCEhttps://agendatrad.org/e_2023-11/festival-quo-fai-pas_44702.html
    19 novembre"Stormquestra" : L'Escale FRANCE
    Tournefeuille ( 31 )
    20 janvier"Stormquestra" : Vic FezensacFRANCE
    Vic Fezensac


    Gurdy Groove Production


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